AN/ALQ-172 B-52 and C-130 Self Protection System

Over the past decade, the ALQ-172 self-protection integrated RF subsystem has successfully defended B-52 bombers and Special Operation C-130 Combat Talons and Gunships against RF threats in combat missions. The combat-proven system can simultaneously counter multiple pulse, continuous wave, pulse Doppler and monopulse threats. The ALQ-172 is integrated with the aircraft controls and displays and defensive subsystem to provide the aircrew with protection against the most sophisticated radar-directed threats.

A self-protection system for the B-52 and C-130 that counters new and emerging threats

Continuous upgrades to the ALQ-172 have incorporated Geolocation situational awareness capability on the B-52, advanced counter-measures in response to modern threats, and new technologies to improve performance, maintainability, and supportability. The ALQ-172(V)3 provides extended frequency coverage required to counter new and emerging threats.

Looking to the future, Harris is developing the next ALQ-172 system upgrade designed to meet the needs of the B-52 and its crew through 2040. The ALQ-172 MARS upgrade reduces system weight and power requirements while further improving system performance, maintainability, and reliability. MARS improves system performance by adding the latest processing and digital receivers through the use of FPGA-based technology.