AN/ALQ-211 CV-22, NH 90, and F-16 Self Protection System

Military pilots and aircrews must be prepared to face hostile, densely populated environments with highly mobile and lethal air defense threats. These modern emerging threats can operate in all weather conditions, day and night, hiding in terrain, employing adaptive tactics and striking at a time and place of their choosing.

A self-protection system that counters RF, infrared and laser threats

The ALQ-211 family of systems detects, denies, disrupts, degrades and evades lethal threats and provides multi-spectral (radio frequency, infrared and laser) situational awareness. When the aircrew encounters a threat emission, the ALQ-211 establishes the threat range from the mission aircraft. If an aircraft is in lethal range of the threat, the ALQ-211 initiates an integrated instantaneous response, breaking missile lock through RF countermeasures, and cues the use of chaff and flares. As the aircraft’s survivability suite controller, the ALQ-211 coordinates the response for laser and infrared threats, providing a truly integrated approach to aircraft self-protection.

The ALQ-211 is integrated into the CV-22 Osprey Special Operations aircraft, Norwegian NH 90 multi-mission helicopter and is on board international F-16 fighters for Chile, Poland, Pakistan, Turkey and Oman. The self-protection system is also applicable for pod-mounted applications and unmanned aerial vehicles.