AN/PLM-4 Deployable Electronic Warfare Test System (DEWTS)

The L3Harris AN/PLM-4 Deployable Electronic Warfare Test System (DEWTS) consists of a standard configuration AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS), a Radio Frequency Measurement Test Set (RFMTS) accessory and a laptop PC controller. For users that currently have the AN/PLM-4 available, all that is required for DEWTS capability is the RFMTS and PC controller. The RSS DEWTS can be used using existing radio frequency (RF) antenna couplers (HATS), or HATS can be purchased at additional cost. The RSS DEWTS PC software can be installed on most desktops and laptop PC’s using Windows 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000.

The DEWTS is unique in that it allows the users to perform a performance evaluation of the entire Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) System Under Test (SUT) using a portable, battery powered test set that can be deployed anywhere in the world without the need for facility AC power. The DEWTS operator interface is a Windows® Graphical User Interface (GUI) that permits the operator to perform a variety of frequency accuracy, receiver sensitivity and transmitter output tests using configuration controlled automatic test programs. The DEWTS test programs are developed using the DEWTS Test Program (TP) Wizard. The DEWTS TP allows Electronic Warfare (EW) system test engineers to quickly develop in-depth maintenance test programs without the need for knowledge of the DEWTS operational software.

The DEWTS footprint supports the Aerospace Expeditionary Force (AEF) allowing advanced EW system testing in austere forward operating locations.