AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS)

The L3Harris AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS) is an advanced portable, cost-effective radar simulator that tests radar warning receivers, electronic surveillance measures and electronic countermeasures systems. The RSS is designed to test the detection and identification capabilities of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, surface ships, submarines, and land vehicles against the latest hostile threats.

Using internal antennas, the RSS radiates toward the system under test (SUT), allowing the user to evaluate the SUT operation or perform diagnostics. The unit is self-contained and operates from internal batteries or external AC power. Its small size allows a single person to hand carry and operate it.

The RSS can be used for testing pods, on-board self-protection electronic countermeasures systems, radar warning receiver (RWR) systems and electronic warfare support measures (ESM) systems. With the RSS remote terminal, the user can be seated in the aircraft under test and visually determine the operability of the RWR by observing the SUT displays. The remote terminal allows the user to control the functions of the RSS. It can also be connected directly to the SUT for testing and troubleshooting, bypassing the antennas. The unit can be used as an end-of-runway or dock side pre-mission tester, with scenario capability allowing for rapid testing.