AN/PLM-4 Radio Frequency Measurement Test Set (RFMTS)

The L3Harris AN/PLM-4 Radio Frequency Measurement Test Set (RFMTS) accessory is designed to be used in conjunction with the AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS). The RFMTS is a lightweight, portable test set that performs comprehensive end-to-end tests of Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) systems.

The RSS/RFMTS user is able to evaluate the ECM system functions such as receiver sensitivity, parameter encoding, power output and jam response. In addition, the RSS/RFMTS combination can be used as a diagnostic tool to fault detect or fault isolate malfunctions within the ECM System Under Test (SUT). Jam response functions include center frequency, peak power, transponder spot-width, jam window and time-gated pulloffs. Tests can be accomplished with either free-space using antennas or direct-coupled using antenna couplers. The RFMTS is self-contained and operates from internal batteries or external AC power.

The RSS/RFMTS combination is controlled using a rugged laptop PC. The user can be located at the SUT control and displays to visually determine the operability of the ECM system by observing the SUT display. The test set will operate in a fully automatic mode using a SUT specific test program or the operator can perform manual tests for diagnostic purposes. The SUT automatic test program is developed using test program development software, which is supplied as an independent software package.