AN/SPS-48G (V)1 Long Range 3D Surveillance Radar

The AN/SPS-48G(V)1 radar has been selected by the U.S. Navy to continue its mission of supporting USN operations through 2050. This radar system is the latest of a long line of three dimensional air surveillance radars with an extensive, 50-year history of providing superior support for a variety of shipboard and landbased applications.

On land or at sea this long range air surveillance radar tracks aircraft and missiles

The AN/SPS-48G(V)1 radar is a variable configuration, high performance, three-dimensional, long range air surveillance radar used for detection and tracking of aircraft and missiles. The radar is available in fixed site, transportable or shipboard configurations to support customer needs on land or at sea.

This radar system tracks small targets in hostile environments while providing jamming immunity

The unique multi-pencil beam architecture provides excellent jamming immunity, low false alarm rates and the ability to detect and track extremely small targets in hostile sea and land clutter environments as well as excellent weather detection and display capabilities.

Surveillance radar built with open architecture that enables low cost lifecycle support

The AN/SPS-48G(V)1 is built with an open architecture for growth, a solid state transmitter, integrated built in test system with remote support capability, and the technical integrated digital environment enables logistics and low cost lifecycle support.