Command Management Information Systems (CMIS)

Our Command Management Information Systems (CMIS) provide watch-standers (operators) with the tools required to support a broad spectrum of naval missions ranging from Helicopter Control to Search and Rescue. Utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software, the CMIS provides the operator with improved situational awareness, decision support aids and sensor and weapon control.

Comprehensive maritime picture supported by surveillance, navigation, and search and rescue data

Commercial component-based design provides the performance and scalability needed to meet the requirements of ship platforms, ranging from Patrol Boats to fully equipped Corvettes and Frigates.

Hosted over a network of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) open architecture-distributed computers, CMIS operators can perform any task or access any tool from a common user interface presented on ergonomically designed Multifunction Consoles (MFCs).

It is from the MFCs that the watch-stander can access and manipulate information from multiple sensors and data systems to form a coherent tactical picture.