Communications - On The Move (C-OTM)

In an emergency situation when communications may be hindered or non-existent, C-OTM establishes a mobile, rapid-response command center. This allows personnel in deployed environments to use their communication systems to quickly connect with authorities.

Multi-Agency Operations

An abundance of communications in an urgent situation can make it difficult for government agencies to disseminate information in the field. C-OTM bridges the gap by operating across a variety of telecommunications formats allowing deployed personnel to reliably interoperate with other agencies.

Rapid Deployment

Lightweight and transportable, C-OTM is easily deployed to link various technologies including internet protocol (IP) and analog phones, radios and cellular equipment. The system allows communication sources to be automatically routed, patched and conferenced to provide a truly integrated communications solution.

Mobile Command Center

C-OTM provides a standalone command center for multi-agency operations. Its powerful touchscreen-based operator position allows real-time command and control of your entire existing communications infrastructure. C-OTM provides access to multiple local and remote tactical radio networks allowing authorities to monitor communications via their satellite or IP wide area networks (WAN).

Flexible Configuration

C-OTM is a voice over IP (VoIP)-based, software-configurable system that provides flexible and seamless communications between IP, digital and analog communications devices.