CorvusEye® 1500

CorvusEye® 1500 is a wide area motion Imagery (WAMI) system that helps users monitor activity, track movement, and gather critical intelligence over a city-size area. Harris-developed WAMI systems have delivered over 10,000 hours in support of military operations and we have adapted that technology into CorvusEye® 1500, a smaller and lower cost offering. CorvusEye® 1500 supports persistent regional surveillance needs in areas such as law enforcement and border patrol activities, as well as critical infrastructure protection and high-profile event security.

Persistent Real-time Intelligence Over a Wide Area – Day and Night


  • Continuous monitoring and tracking over the region, day and night:
    • CorvusEye® 1500C: Visible color sensor for daytime monitoring up to 7 km2/2.7 mi2
    • CorvusEye® 1500CM: Integrated visible color/mid-wave infrared (MWIR) sensor for day/night monitoring up to 3.1 km2/1.2 mi2
  • Improved visual tracking with high-resolution color and infrared motion imagery
  • Real-time streaming and forensic access to the entire mission to see events as they unfold
  • Powerful forensic capabilities that establish trends and interconnected patterns of life
  • Improved utilization of surveillance resources with simultaneous streaming of up to 10 region of interest (ROI) views across the region 
  • Quick integration into any standard 15-inch gimbel location

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