CorvusEye® is an intelligent wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor system that easily integrates with other intelligence sources to provide the most complete picture of events and deliver better information for mission-critical decisions. It provides context to the data collected on a multi-intelligence (multi-INT) surveillance platform by tracking the entire scene in real time and cross-cueing to airborne and ground sensors during both day and night operations. From signal intelligence and hyperspectral imaging to full-motion video, tactical radar, and ground sensors, CorvusEye® makes sense of the data for real-time, seamless, multi-INT airborne surveillance.  

See The Big Picture 

Harris-developed WAMI systems have delivered over 10,000 hours in support of the Department of Defense's highly successful Gorgon Stare program. We have right-sized that technology into CorvusEye®, as a low size, weight, and power sensor system that is easily installed on smaller aircraft. 

CorvusEye® provides an overview of and automatically detects movement within its coverage area. The dual-mode electro-optic/infrared sensor means surveillance operations can continue uninterrupted from day to night and night to day.

CorvusEye® easily integrates on platforms with multiple sources. As other sensors collect data, CorvusEye uses those inputs to correlate other areas of interest or cross-cues to provide actionable intelligence. Able to capture and store comprehensive image activity, CorvusEye® provides the opportunity to analyze historical patterns of life and can play back data from an event while still capturing real-time data.

CorvusEye® features advanced analytical capabilities such as watch boxes and tripwires, which notify operators when incursions and breaches occur and trigger automated tracking. Analysts can create new monitoring areas or re-task existing ones in seconds, allowing the most important areas of interest to be tracked or monitored as events unfold.