CREW Vehicle Receiver/Jammer (CVRJ)

CREW Vehicle Receiver/Jammer (CVRJs) are vehicle-mounted electronic jammers designed to prevent the detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which are often triggered by off-the-shelf technology like cell phones. CVRJ counters existing and evolving Radio Frequency (RF) threats by jamming each threat's transmitted RF signals. The system has demonstrated superior performance in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

L3Harris vehicle receiver/jammer handles multiple simultaneous IED threats

The IED-jammer has a wide receive and transmit frequency coverage and handles multiple threats simultaneously. It draws up to 30 amps of vehicle power, weighs approximately 69 lbs, and measures 13”H x 14”W x 19”D. The system is reprogrammable (does not require hardware changes) and adaptable to changes in the threat environment. This allows L3Harris to provide continuous support for tens of thousands of fielded systems and maintain their effectiveness while they are in use.

Our support capabilities include an ongoing evaluation and understanding of the electromagnetic environment. While the threats have been the principal focus, interoperability with other CREW systems and compatibility with tactical communications systems have become a priority, which is reflected in our designs and ongoing research and development activities.