Data Links - Network-Enabled Tactical Link System (NETLS)

NETLS is the Harris state-of-the-art data link buffer, translation and management system, the primary purpose of which is to provide the customer with real-time multi-link data exchange capability in order to optimize tactical control and overall force coordination. NETLS is designed to meet the requirements of connectivity now and for the future, based on a modular software design and utilizing COTS hardware to accommodate data link replacement and expansion. Due to the nature of its design and architecture, NETLS is capable of interfacing with a broad range of legacy and forward-deployed or mobile systems.

NETLS is a Complete Command and Control (C2) System or a Data Link Server to an Enterprise C2 System

NETLS can serve as a complete Command and Control (C2) system or function as a data link server to an enterprise C2 system. In either configuration, data exchange services are provide for interoperability between battle force units utilizing standard data links such as Link-11, Link-11B, Link-16, Link-22, Link-1, Link-14, OTH-T Gold and Link-Y's. Tactical forces communicate with NETLS by using data link protocols for track data exchange and status reports.

Other capabilities are also available and can be readily integrated including data reduction, operator-action archive and replay, simulation of onboard and off board tracks and management messages and graphical creation of simulation scenarios for training. NETLS can either be a single manned workstation or it can be networked to include an input/output processor and multiple manned workstations. NETLS can also be remotely controlled through the Multi-Function Consoles of the shipboard C4I system.