Symphony® DeiceVue™ takes airport deicing operations to a whole new level of automation and shared situational awareness. The web-based application delivers real-time visibility into the deicing process queue while automatically tracking and communicating each aircraft’s status visually to authorized users. With DeiceVue, airports, airlines, the deice house and FAA controllers can manage the deice queue from a shared display, improving situational awareness and allowing for more efficient use of resources. DeiceVue is available as a Symphony® OpsVue™ module, powered by Harris NextGen real-time surface surveillance data.

Real-time Deicing Operations Management and Reporting

DeiceVue incorporates pad queuing and deicing operations into OpsVue to improve pad management. In addition, DeiceVue helps reduce delays because operators can see which aircraft are in queue, how long they have been waiting and how long before deicing is completed. The real-time deicing operations management helps automatically direct different types of aircraft to appropriate deicing pads based on pad size, geometry and aircraft design group, and it improves the performance of airports, aircraft operators and aviation stakeholders by providing shared situational awareness, monitoring and alerting of operations.