Disruptor SRx™

The electromagnetic spectrum is more congested, and the electronic battlespace more contested than ever. Military forces may encounter a variety of different electronic threats in any given operation, regardless of domain or platform, and they need to be equipped to respond quickly, appropriately and decisively.

Disruptor SRx is a single EW system that performs multiple functions

Disruptor SRx represents the next generation of electronic warfare (EW) technology, offering our customers the adaptive, reprogrammable multifunctional capability they need to succeed in this changing environment. This smart response system represents a shift from traditional EW – in which a single system performs a specific, pre-determined function – to an agile approach that enables multiple functions, as well as the ability to switch between them in real time.

This flexibility allows the system to respond immediately to changing mission needs and switch between of functions, including:

  • Electronic attack
  • Electronic protection
  • Electronic support measures
  • Electronic intelligence
  • Communications jamming

Platform agnostic EW system at home on land, at sea, and in the air

Disruptor SRx is platform agnostic and well-suited to operating environments at sea, in the air and on land. Thanks to advances in microelectronics packaging and design, the system is also ideal for unmanned platforms with its decreased size, weight and power requirements.

The upgradeable Disruptor SRx reacts and adjusts to complex, contested electronic environments

The technology’s multifunctional, open-architecture design eliminates the need for spare parts for multiple devices, resulting in lower life-cycle costs. Disruptor SRx reacts and adjusts to complex, contested electronic environments and is easily upgradeable to support greater flexibility and affordability.