Dynamic Stand Allocation (DSA)

Large, capacity strained airports need strong, dynamic and on-the-day optimization tools.

What is dynamic stand allocation?

Dynamic Stand Allocation addresses stand management at high traffic volume airports that deviate frequently from planned schedules. The solution improves stand utilization resulting in better airport efficiency and increased capacity.

A scientific optimization algorithm dynamically assigns aircraft to matching airport stands under consideration of airport-specific engineering and business rules, airport initiatives like CDM Milestones and live flight data. The solution uses built-in conflict management to automatically solve stand conflicts and provides alerts to the operator.

Innovative and user-friendly

Dynamic Stand Allocation’s intuitive HMI supports user interactions and provides interconnected views for optimized stand management. It uses georeferenced Airport View displays to show stand occupancy on an airport map. There is also a time referenced Allocation View that illustrates allocations in a Gantt Chart style. Additional views can provide supplemental flight and stand information with alerts at a glance.

All views built into the solution support dynamic flight handling with drag-and-drop functionality. This allows the system to be adjusted with ease.