Electric Single Carriage and Release Systems

L3Harris continues to advance the state-of-the-art in suspension and release equipment by designing and developing Electric Bomb Release Units (BRUs). This product line includes technologies that set the standard for safe separations, including independent self-latching hooks, zero retention force arming units and high reliability in-flight lock mechanisms.

L3Harris BRUs – Fielded and combat proven

The system is optimized for light attack aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s that operate at lower speeds and G-force loadings. Maintenance and availability are improved by eliminating scheduled maintenance, additional ground support equipment, and logistics associated with pyrotechnic charges and high-pressure pneumatics. Electric BRU technology reduces complexity and weight, and is compatible with aircraft that traditionally utilize gravity release systems. Additionally, sortie turn-around time is decreased by eliminating the need to change and clean pyrotechnics or connect to ground pressure systems between and at the end of missions.

L3Harris’ Electric BRUs leverage lessons learned from the design and production of more than 35,000 systems over the last 40 years.