Embedded National Tactical Receiver (ENTR) V4

Portable, reliable receiver delivering critical situational awareness ENTR V4 is the latest solution in L3Harris’ long line of ultra high frequency Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) receivers. The solution features low size, weight and power (SWaP) in a form factor that is well-suited to any platform.

Actionable Intelligence for the Mobile Warfighter

ENTR V4 is a lightweight, low-cost and reliable receiver that provides near realtime situational awareness from the IBS. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the compact receiver is easy to transport, simple to use and maintain and fits conveniently into a backpack pocket.

ENTR V4 receives IBS UHF satcom signals via direct-to-digital radio frequency (RF) processing. The small form factor can simultaneously receive and process up to four IBS alternative-path channels and the Common Interactive Broadcast (CIB) without the need for multiple costly, sensitive RF components. The channel scheme can be reconfigured dynamically without interfering with operations.

Offering Convenience and Flexibility

ENTR V4 has been rigorously tested to reliably support land, air and sea operations. The device is designed to interface with any host platform that has an Ethernet port, including mobile servers, laptops and tablets. The receiver can be powered by a flexible 6 to 34 volt direct current (VDC) input, which allows users to leverage a variety of power sources, from a battery pack to aircraft power. With embedded processing, the ENTR V4 only needs to plug into a display so that warfighters can view the IBS data.

The ENTR V4 natively hosts the tactical receive segment (TRS) software which will feed any tactical data processor that TRS supports. The interface software is compatible with all mainstream message processing and control software. Alternatively, the ENTR V4 can connect to an external TRS (hosted on any Windows™ 10 PC) via Ethernet.

Automatic Updates for Uninterrupted Use

The software-programmable ENTR V4 will facilitate changes or improvements by easily upgrading the firmware or software. Upgrades and new releases can be made automatically for continuous use and offers lower maintenance costs throughout the life of the ENTR V4.

The ENTR Tx is NSA Type 1 and TEMPEST certified and contains reprogrammable anti-tamper. Crypto key loading is provided by the ENTR V4’s automated key loading and handling capability.