EnableInsight: Improved DMR Radio Network Performance

L3Harris EnableInsight, powered by Tait, speeds identification and resolution of DMR Tier 3 network issues by reducing complicated and costly manual processes. This cloud-based solution provides users with real-time, secure access through streamlined dashboard views.

Optimize Your DMR Network Performance

EnableInsight provides automated event analysis and instant assessment and notification, so users can take immediate action to improve network performance. This solution aggregates multiple data sources, supporting more accurate forecasts of the network’s future compliance to Key Performance Indicators. Operators can choose from a wide range of automated outputs and alerts and will have ongoing access to future updates to emerging capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Fast issue identification and resolution optimizes network performance
  • Real-time automated data processing and visualization, integrating multiple data sources
  • Cost-effective, simple, and easy to use
  • Cloud-based, secure access, anywhere, anytime