EnableLocation: Workforce and Asset Tracking

L3Harris EnableLocation, powered by Tait, gives Public Safety professionals an up-to-the moment view of mobile personnel and vehicles for faster, more informed decisions in emergency situations. First Responders can send and receive text and status messages, and dispatcher capabilities are enhanced through voice encryption and emergency alert services.

Tracking technology for L3Harris P25 trunked networks

EnableLocation builds on Avtec™ and Tallysman™ technologies to deliver Radio-over-IP connectivity through L3Harris P25 trunked networks. This IP-based solution is easy to install and use, and is designed for ease of navigation.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time situational awareness – get a complete view of all mobile assets
  • Easy to use across a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers
  • Optimal viewing experience with minimal resizing and scrolling
  • Simplified reporting with reverse geocoding into street addresses