Enterprise Ground Architectures

L3Harris designs, builds, and implements the most advanced enterprise ground systems in the world for the most mission-critical needs. From real-time data delivery—raw or formatted—to integrated or fused environmental and geospatial intelligence, we provide comprehensive decision support solutions with emphasis on areas of domain expertise, such as meteorology, defense and intelligence, aviation, and telecommunications.

Scalable End-to-end Processing Solutions

We employ common algorithms and shared computing resources within a comprehensive service-oriented architecture to cost effectively access, process, and distribute data and products from a variety of sensor data sources, including dedicated satellites, hosted payloads, ancillary data, mesonets, and more. Our system architectures are scalable and extensible, and enable you to access, process, and distribute data and products from any applicable satellite or constellation of smallsats. We draw from off-the-shelf, affordable components to help you build an end-to-end ground processing solution that is scaled to fit your specific mission needs. This modular approach gives you the flexibility to adapt to system needs over time.

Our high-performance weather processing systems provide real-time, highly secure, full life-cycle processing—from data ingest and processing, to storage and dissemination—with the capability of generating more than 750,000 weather product files per day!

Secure Data and Communications Networks

No time for down time? Our secure data processing and communications networks are highly reliable, with a proven availability of more than 99%, and are capable of addressing mission critical needs, such as satellite and terrestrial data processing, numerical weather processing, and product dissemination. Our security design methodology ensures that your systems will not suffer denial-of-service attacks and eliminates the downtime of operations due to hackers with malicious intents.

L3Harris also has an excellent track record of migrating old ground systems into new architectures without losing the integrity of old systems during the transition.