ES-3701S - Precision Radar ESM System

The ES-3701S is a high performance Radar Electronic Support Measures system for surface naval applications. The ES-3701S RESM can provide complete RF coverage with DF from comms bands through radar bands. The ES-3701S provides situation awareness, targeting, self-protection and surveillance. The system has been interfaced to many Combat Management Systems, and uses a Windows graphical interface which can also be run on multifunction consoles.

Precision Radar ESM Capabilities

  • High Probability of Intercept for instantaneous emitter detection
  • High Sensitivity for long range detection
  • Accurate AOA on every pulse
  • Wideband, Narrowband and Low Band subsystems for comprehensive signal exploitation using advanced Sapience emitter processing algorithms
  • High sensitivity FMCW radar detection and identification (-95dBm)