ES-3701U - Precision Submarine Radar ESM System

The ES-3701U is a high-performance radar electronic support measure (ESM) system for submarine applications. The ES-3701U ESM system uses advanced sapience signal algorithms for positive emitter identification. The ES-3701U provides robust interference removal to remain functional in littoral signal environments. The system also removes multipath to reduce the effects of reflected signals. The ES-3701U uses a circular phase interferometer for monopulse angle of arrival (AOA) measurement to achieve 2° rms accuracy. The ES-3701U has been integrated into a variety of combat system environments.

Precision Submarine Radar ESM Capabilities

  • 100% probability of intercept
  • High sensitivity for long-range detection
  • Accurate wideband phase monopulse direction-finding (DF)
  • Robust interference and multipath rejection
  • High-sensitivity frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) (-95 dBm) radar detection, direction-finding (DF) and identification