ES-5080 - Digital Receiver Based ELINT/ESM System

Harris, with the ES-5080 digital receiver based ELINT/ESM system provides a cost effective, state of the art design. The ES-5080 utilizes the latest digital receiver technology for extremely accurate pulse measurements. The inherently flexible design allows a broad range of configurations: Number of channels, selection of antennas, networking capability. This system is deployed domestically and internationally for coastal surveillance, airborne, maritime and land based applications.

Cost effective ELINT/ESM system for extremely accurate pulse measurements

Harris developed the CS-5060 in the early 1990's to meet a US Army requirement for a single channel ELINT system tied to a high-gain rotating antenna. The Army originally installed it on ground vehicles. In the late 1990's, the Army installed a CS-5060 on several RC-12 Guardrail aircraft. Over the past 20 years, CS-5060 systems have been sold abroad in both airborne and ground-based configurations. These systems are the predecessor to the ES-5080.