F/A-18 Super Hornet Avionics

L3Harris is a leading supplier of innovative, reliable, and affordable avionic systems and products with proven operation on a variety of aircraft platforms, including the F/A-18. As a cornerstone of air power and force projection, the F/A-18 performs many vital roles for the U.S. and its international allies, including air superiority, support and strike, reconnaissance, fighter escort and suppression of enemy air defenses.

Advanced Avionics Technologies for the F/A-18 Super Hornet

For decades, L3Harris has developed and delivered technologies that provide the F/A-18 with the communications, situational awareness, electronic warfare and payload delivery capabilities that aviators depend on to accomplish their missions and get home safely. From advanced processors and networking systems to fiber optics and conformal wideband antennas, L3Harris avionics ensure that the F/A-18 continually performs at the cutting edge and that critical information is always at the aviator’s fingertips.

L3Harris smart carriage and release technology ensures the F/A-18 can safely carry and deliver mission payloads while electronic warfare technology, including the ALQ-214 Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM) system – one of the most sophisticated self-protection systems ever built – defends Hornets and Super Hornets from persistent and evolving electronic threats. Flying onboard the EA-18G Growler, the ALQ-99, the Navy’s principal standoff jammer, provides powerful electronic attack capabilities and complete spectrum dominance to support joint operations in every domain.