FliteScene® Digital Map

L3Harris FliteScene® Digital Map is a high performance, combat proven, feature rich, digital moving map software product that provides advanced situational awareness for the most demanding conditions faced by both civilian and military flight crews. FliteScene supports advanced terrain awareness and obstacle avoidance features to help keep you safe during your mission, and FliteScene’s 3D synthetic vision modes help you navigate even in the worst conditions. FliteScene has been integrated with modern tactical networks such as Link 16 and ANW2 providing a full real-time common operating picture.

A real-time digital mapping solution that can support any platform

FliteScene supports a standard OpenGL interface that allows for seamless integration with COTS processors and graphic accelerators. This open-architecture approach provides a powerful digital map capability that can support any platform. FliteScene can be run as a standalone application or integrated in with your existing applications. FliteScene has been designed from the ground up to be portable and runs on every major operating system, embedded, desktop, and mobile.

Digital maps for law enforcement, fire, search and rescue and commercial applications

FliteScene’s wide variety of features are just as useful for civilian applications such as law enforcement, fire, search and rescue, commercial security, and any other use that can benefit from real-time digital mapping and situational awareness.

Your evolving real-time digital mapping solution

FliteScene is a continually evolving product, allowing it to grow and adapt to your changing needs.