GateVue optimizes gate and airport surface area use, improving efficiency and reducing airport congestion. It maximizes the number of flights that can be serviced during peak hours and reduces impacts of irregular operations including cancellations and delays.

Dynamic Gate Management Solution

GateVue is powered by a NextGen data feed, a fusion of FAA flight and surveillance information used to support mission-critical airport and air traffic applications. The feed ensures users are provided with the best information possible such as live schedule changes for both arriving and departing flights. GateVue’s management system applies to airport specific business and airside operations rules so gate scheduling can happen efficiently. This allows customized preferences at each gate to ensure safe and efficient operations.

User-Friendly and Versatile

GateVue’s intuitive interface simplifies user interactions and provides multiple views for better gate management. It automates operations and provides same-day reporting for versatility and expediency. With drag and drop functionality, the system can be adjusted with ease.

Seamless Strategic & Tactical Gate Planning

GateVue uses NextGen Data and Out Off On In (OOOI) times for dynamic gate planning. It also provides alerts for potential conflicts, reduces delays, and resolves issues before aircraft land.

The GateVue user interface includes:

  • Geo-referenced Airport View displays gate occupancy on an airport map.
  • Time-referenced Allocation View displays gate occupancy in a Gantt-Chart.
  • Flight Data View provides supplemental flight and gate information at one glance.
  • Alert View provides prompts for actions needing resolution.

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