GCA-2020 and PAR-2020 Military Air Traffic Control Radars

The GCA-2020 is an Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) / Precision Approach Radar (PAR) System providing high performance target detection in the airspace around an airport or air base. Simultaneous ASR and PAR operations from the single sensor provide accurate display of both types of radar data.

Airport surveillance radar covers 30 nautical miles

Versatile, multimode, digital color displays and full communications support all controller operations. The ASR covers 30 nautical miles (nmi) at altitudes up to 10,000 feet. The PAR coverage is up to 20 nmi with azimuth coverage of 30 degrees and elevation coverage of 8 degrees. A PAR-only version (PAR-2020 or US DOD nomenclature AN/FPN-68) is also available. The GCA-2020 comes in fixed, transportable, and mobile versions.

Air traffic control radar with superior operational and technical performance

The GCA-2020 is fast and easy to install; its human-machine interface is full color and carefully arranged to reduce fatigue in the high-stress controller environment; and runway changes are achieved in less than a minute – much faster than any competing system. The GCA-2020 achieves excellent target detection and tracking even in severe environments such as heavy rain or snow. High stability and advanced digital processing including moving target detection (MTD) and mapping ensure adaptation to the changing environment.

Military airport surveillance radar with versatile high-resolution multimode displays

The GCA-2020 includes two or more full color universal displays that controllers can individually assign as ASR or PAR mode based on traffic needs. The FAA-certified ASR display format depicts four levels weather intensity. The PAR display provides the 3-D landing situation in a state-of-the-art digital Az-El format. This patented display adds an innovative “bullseye” for a pilot’s view of the approach.