Gen 3 P45 White Phosphor Technology

Traditional image intensifier tubes use a P43 phosphor screen output, resulting in the yellow-green image that has become the signature view through most Gen 3 night vision devices. Using a P45 phosphor screen instead yields an alternate coloration closer to black and white imagery, which some users prefer. Harris proudly offers both options in peak performance Gen 3 tubes.

Gen 3 image intensifier clarity, performance and resolution

Gen 3 systems deliver significant advantages for warfighters rapidly moving through different mission scenarios. The technology in our image intensifier tubes is far superior to Gen 2, allowing warfighters to see more detail at a greater distance in low and varied light conditions. They can recognize and identify threats faster, increasing mission performance while significantly lowering risks. Our Gen 3 image intensifier tubes are more reliable and have a longer life, reducing replacements, down time and related costs.

Key Benefits

  • Capitalizes on existing high performance of Gen 3 night vision
  • Can be incorporated in virtually any Harris image intensifier tube, including the F9800, F9810 and F9815 series
  • Offers different contrast and color than traditional phosphor