Geospatial Intelligence Data Management Suite

L3Harris offers a suite of data management tools in support of curating, retrieving, and discovering geospatial content across multiple closed and commercial source environments. Our new technologies, innovative system design, workflow management concepts, and mission expertise give L3Harris an edge in achieving the right, scientifically proven solutions for active geospatial data management for any organization. 

Single-source Database Tool

L3Harris' One-object, One-time geospatial database management solution stores service-enabled content for high-speed, simultaneous concurrent use by many users. Utilizing an open-source framework, it offers flexibility to ingest new data sources, incorporate new algorithms and third-party features, and reduce workflow redundancies by allowing multiple representations of the data from one single instance of a database object.  

Dashboard Delivers Trusted Data 

Our active content management dashboard solutions feature spatially integrated views of current content holdings so organizations get the complete view of available content for analysis.  When managing unified and consolidated content, the dashboard provides a quick look at the availability of data in an area of interest, and an automated probability assessment of the content quality and its mission readiness to give analysts confidence in selecting the right data for analysis.  

Quality Management

Whether an organization is needing to clean up existing data and verify its validity, or it is incorporating new data sets into its system, L3Harris' tools for geospatial quality management provide automated validation and error detection.