GPS Operational Control System

L3Harris develops navigation processing components, precision monitor station receivers, and key components of the system security design for the GPS Operational Control System. L3Harris has built systems for every U.S. GPS payload, since the inception of the GPS program in the 1970s, proving our experience and continued commitment to adapting to evolving technologies.

Operational Control System (OCX) for GPS III

The Operational Control System (OCX) for GPS III is a next-generation system that will deliver improvements to dramatically increase the performance and effectiveness of the entire GPS system. OCX will replace the existing ground system that receives signals from the 31 GPS satellites already orbiting the earth. OCX will provide command, control, and mission support for all current and future GPS satellites.

L3Harris developed the technology for the key navigation components of the OCX, which consists of a Master Control Station (MCS), a backup MCS, dedicated monitor stations, and ground antennas. Innovative technology and on-schedule delivery keeps our presence first and foremost in the GPS marketplace.


  • New anti-jamming technologies
  • DODI 8500.2 Information Assurance Standards for Defense in Depth security
  • Modern service-oriented architecture that integrates open system standards

GPS Control Segment

The current GPS Control Segment is a global network of ground facilities that track the GPS satellites, monitor transmissions, perform analyses, and send commands and data to the constellation. L3Harris experience and successful performance on the space and user segments informs our work on the control segment. Our programs have included GPS Blocks I, II, IIA, IIR, IIR-M, and IIF.