L3Harris GridLink, powered by Tait, employs wide area, trunked digital radio coverage to deliver a Distribution Automation (DA) solution that is highly reliable and secure. L3Harris GridLink’s smart asset control works with a DMR network to deliver total system visibility, mitigating outages and increasing efficiencies.

The intelligent choice in digital radio coverage for distribution automation

Our communications infrastructure provides full-feature voice network services and wide-area data transport services based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard. GridLink builds on the proven value of DMR-based mission-critical voice by adding SCADA monitoring and control. Utility managers gain efficiencies by utilizing a single communications vendor with only one network to design, deploy, maintain, harden, and secure.

The heart of the system

Harris TD9300 DMR Tier 3 Capable Data Terminals form GridLink’s core, transmitting voice and data to outstation sites.

  • Delivers Machine-to-Machine SCADA data
  • Rapidly integrates into existing systems
  • Ruggedized for reliable performance in harsh environments

Key benefits

  • Improve distribution grid operations with real time remote monitoring and control
  • Provide cost-effective DA in low-density areas
  • Reduce operational costs, enhance worker productivity, optimize energy usage and improve grid reliability, resilience and scalability
  • Secure your network with DMR standard security protocols and encrypted SCADA communications
  • Increase worker safety with rapid incident identification and response