Harris AN/PRC-163 Army Radio Multi-Channel Handheld

The Harris AN/PRC-163 Army Radio provides simultaneous dual-channel operations and superior crossbanding to support networked voice, data and video up and down echelon. This versatile radio offers a lower-SWaP solution for operators on the move, satisfying multiple mission needs without having to carry several pieces of equipment.

Dual-Channel Tactical Handheld with Advanced ISR

Each of the radio’s two channels delivers seamless Line-Of-Sight, high-speed networking, and Beyond-Line-Of Sight SATCOM communications. An expansion slot with an option for an ISR Full-Motion Video mission module provides a real-time operational picture, powered by industry-leading technologies. 

Designed for ease of use, the AN/PRC-163 Army Radio’s double-height display screen gives warfighters information at a glance. The familiar Falcon® interface reduces training time and speeds mission response. This dual-channel radio is future-proof with a powerful software-defined architecture supporting fast, in-field upgrades to emerging capabilities including MUOS, as they become available.

Key Benefits

  • Simultaneous two-channel voice, video and data
  • Twice the power with lower SWaP
  • Secure high-speed networking, SATCOM support and narrowband Interoperability on both channels
  • ISR module expansion capabilities, additional options for Signals-based Threat Warning and advanced MANET
  • Enhanced two-channel user interface
  • Built-in MUOS support for future software-only upgrades