Harris AN/PSQ-20A Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle

Harris Corporation (Harris) is the world’s leading developer, producer, and supplier of Generation (Gen) 3 image intensifier technology. Harris is currently delivering the Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (SENVG) system to the U.S. Army on the ENVG II program. The SENVG is a refined version of the original AN/PSQ-20 ENVG system Harris delivered on the U.S. Army’s ENVG I program. Exportable and commercial version of this U.S. Army-grade fused night vision goggle are now available.

Fusion of image intensifier and infrared imagery

SENVG is a refined version of the ENVG, the first night vision goggle in production to provide fusion (via optical overlay) of I2 and IR imagery.

This system combines an image intensified (I2) tube and infrared (IR) micro-bolometer into a compact monocular. The monocular weighs less than 2 pounds, which is similar in weight and size to the ENVG. A separate 3 battery pack provides power for helmet-mounted or hand-held use. The SENVG will mount on an ACH helmet and will provide vertical adjustment, flip-up, tilt, fore/aft adjustment; left/ right eye use; and quick disconnect from the helmet.

Key benefits

  • Greater situational awareness due to improved threat detection under most battlefield environments; compatible with traditional weapon system ranges
  • Reduces life cycle cost by operating on 3 batteries
  • Expanded viewing capability from highlight conditions to total darkness (no light) and through battlefield obscurants. Increases capability for urban operations
  • Improved wearing comfort due to better weight balance resulting in less fatigue
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Non-exit pupil forming eyepiece allows the soldier to maintain full field of view even as helmet shifts during vigorous physical movements
  • Color micro display