Harris AN/PVS-23 Night Vision Binocular System

Harris, the world’s leading producer of Generation (Gen) 3 image intensification devices, offers the F5050 binocular night vision goggle for both ground- and sea-based applications. The F5050 is a rugged binocular designed to furnish increased depth perception for activities such as off-road driving and high-speed navigation at sea.

Aviation-standard optics and Gen 3 image intensifier technology

The F5050 binocular has aviation-standard optics and high-resolution Gen 3 F9800 image intensifier tubes. The F5050 binocular has outstanding performance because each eye receives a unique image, giving greater clarity than can be obtained from single-tube devices. With a different image in each eye, it is easier to judge distances and relative motion so the ability to perform tasks such as driving is greatly improved. The binocular includes a powerful infrared (IR) illuminator with wide or narrow beam capability. The F5050 can be hand held, head mounted or helmet mounted. When hand held or head mounted, it is powered by a single AA battery integral to the binocular. When helmet mounted, it is powered by a rear-mounted battery pack that contains two pairs of AA batteries for extended operational endurance.
The basic F5050 system includes the binocular, rear mounted battery pack, soft carrying case, and accessories. To complete the system, an optional bracket and strap assembly tailored to specific helmets is required.

Key benefits

  • High performance Generation 3 tubes
  • Binocular vision for greater depth perception
  • Mounts available for most types of helmets
  • Integral battery for hand-held or head-mounted use
  • Adjustable (spot/flood) IR illumination
  • Independent eye-span adjustment
  • Binocular detaches easily from mount
  • Rugged construction