Harris Aviator's Helmet Mount Assembly

The Aviator's (banana) Helmet Mount Assembly 2.0, previously known as the TAC Air Helmet Mount Assembly, is specially designed for high performance tactical aircraft operators. It features several design improvements from its predecessor to reduce the operating cost without affecting performance or safety.

The Aviator's Helmet Mount Assembly (HMA) 2.0 was redesigned in 2012 in support of customer feedback.

Resulting sustainment and lifecycle cost improvements include:


  • New sliding mount material enhances structure (this improvement will also work on ANVIS and F4949(AN/AVS-9) helicopter mounts)


  • Accepts both AA alkaline or lithium for reduced cost to user

Power Circuit:

  • Shielded for EMI
  • Includes low battery indicator

Operator Interface:

  • Design improvements retain existing switches, LED, and mechanical adjustments
  • No change to procedure for mount installation or insert and removal procedure for ANVIS/F4949

Key Benefits

  • Weight under 260g with batteries
  • Retains the existing interface with any tactical aircraft helmet
  • Retains breakaway performance for ANVIS/F4949 (11-15 G)
  • Complies with EMI requirements of MIL-STD-461F
  • Passed standard environmental and performance testing for ANVIS/F4949
  • Standard AA commercial battery power source is compatible for use in aircraft operation when oxygen is in use
  • Low battery indicator when voltage falls to 0.9 ± 0.07 Vdc