L3Harris Citadel® Cryptographic Engine

L3Harris Citadel provides military-grade encryption for non-Type 1 applications, enabling users to safely transmit sensitive information over normal communications channels. Available to both U.S. and international customers, it’s export-approved with multiple algorithm options—all proven to withstand sophisticated cryptographic attacks.

Military-Grade Encryption Engine

The Citadel Cryptographic Engine includes three options; a standard high-grade algorithm, a L3Harris-configured algorithm for unique customer needs, and a customer-configurable algorithm. Based on a mixed-mode arithmetic block cipher, all three algorithms support both communication security and transmission security functions. And, they allow users to easily adjust their level of security without physically modifying their equipment.

Key Benefits

  • High-grade protection for non-Type 1 applications
  • Three customized algorithm options
  • Field and analytically tested to securely withstand attacks
  • Half-duplex encryption and decryption at throughput rates of up to 5 Mbps