EnableFleet: Radio Management System

L3Harris EnableFleet, powered by Tait, eliminates error-prone, labor-intensive update and deployment processes, giving organizations a complete picture and real-time control of mobile and portable assets.

Secure and efficient radio fleet management

EnableFleet in-field or remote tools record and update software, modify configurations, enable or disable license keys and track radio location and status. Organizations have the flexibility of either hosting the system using on-site servers or the cloud for secure, anytime, anywhere access. In-field programming is simplified through a laptop-based client. A single button push applies scheduled updates and records the information for audit reports, reducing demand for in-field services and shortening transmission time.

EnableFleet advances data security by using serial numbers to ensure that updates are sent to the correct radio, and an EnableProtect Advanced System Key hardware security dongle can be added to prevent access by unauthorized personnel.

Key Benefits

  • Manage P25 and DMR network radio fleets
  • Advance efficiencies by streamlining processes into a centralized system
  • Reduce cost with simplified laptop client for in-field programming
  • Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP) technology reduces demand for in-field service
  • Prevent unauthorized access with enhanced data security