EnableMonitor: Overseeing Your Network Health

L3Harris EnableMonitor, powered by Tait, gives organizations a real-time picture of radio network performance and tools to quickly pinpoint issues and reduce downtime. The convenient and secure web-based system can be accessed via multiple devices, and supports customized viewing and reporting options. Standards-based technology enhances interoperability, including configuration options for non-SNMP technology.

Comprehensive picture of radio network health

Color-coded icons indicate the status of each system component, allowing operators to quickly identify problems. For rapid resolution of major issues, notifications can be delivered via email, text or even flashing lights and sirens.

Key Benefits

  • Identify network issues such as packet loss and latency
  • Receive alarms and color-coded alerts that indicate network status changes
  • Redundancy options guarantee performance
  • Automatic discovery quickly identifies and configures L3Harris-supported products