L3Harris RF-7880NR Enhanced High Capacity Data Radio (EnHCDR™)

The L3Harris RF-7880NR Enhanced High Capacity Data Radio (EnHCDR™) builds on the battle-proven networking heritage of HCDR and offers an 8-fold increase in user data throughput using the latest waveform technology. EnHCDR provides a wide area network ensuring secure seamless connectivity, giving high bandwidth data services to commanders on mobile platforms and to forward operating bases.

Advanced ad hoc networking protocols supports minimal management, fast network configuration and reliable communications in harsh environments.

Embedded backbone communications services from main command down to the most forward operating bases avoids the need for vulnerable static communications infrastructure.

The EnHCDR is the most capable radio of its kind creating a communications backbone for messaging, internet and Situational Awareness applications supporting mission-critical on-the-move operations.

Planning is straight-forward. Large networks can be deployed, allowing the radio’s sophisticated algorithms to optimize the network for the resulting topology and mobility. The radio has minimal user input reducing the work load on the operator and minimizing training requirements.

EnHCDR includes both wideband and narrowband modes supporting optimum use of available RF spectrum.

EnHCDR is reliable and robust, working in the most demanding conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Standard IP data connectivity with either commercial or military Plug and Play hardware
  • Minimal training required
  • Automatically scales from small to large networks
  • Robust, reliable and combat-proven
  • Highly capable in a fast changing mobile deployment providing connectivity on-the-move