L3Harris Falcon II® AN/PRC-150(C) High Frequency Manpack Radio

The L3Harris AN/PRC-150(C) keeps warfighters connected to mission-critical information when line-of-sight communications are not an option. In addition to its reliable, long-range capabilities, embedded COMSEC encryption allows secure ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communications in all HF modes and in fixed-frequency modes with SINCGARS radios. An integral Citadel® encryption mode offers secure communication interoperability with coalition forces.

HF/VHF Manpack Radio for Enhanced Tactical ISR

Software-defined for future waveform updates, the AN/PRC-150(C) features an Internet Protocol capability that allows the radio to interface with the US Army's Tactical Internet without external boxes. With high-speed data rates, robust digital voice, last-ditch mode and anti-jamming technologies, this manpack solution ensures warfighters stay connected to real-time battlefield intelligence even in the harshest conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Falcon® radio interoperability
  • NSA certified Type 1 encryption
  • High speed data up to 9600bps (HF)
  • Advanced frequency hopping (ECCM) for secure communications in the presence of jamming
  • Second- and third-generation Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) for fast, reliable linking and increased data link throughput, even in degraded channel conditions