L3Harris Falcon III® AN/PRC-159(V)1 Wideband Team Radio

The AN/PRC-159(V)1 is designed with dismounted warfighters in mind—compact, lightweight, with superior battery life and market-leading point-to-point transmission range. With the Wideband Team Radio, warfighters can share and access Type 1 Secret and Below information including voice, video, high-speed data, and up-to-date Position Location Information (PLI).

Future-Proof Software-Defined Wideband Networking

The AN/PRC-159(V)1 has a familiar and intuitive visual interface that simplifies the loading of configuration files, validating network availability and monitoring the radio’s status. It also features a Software Communications Architecture (SCA) operating environment which enhances interoperability and accommodates changing mission needs and emerging waveforms with software upgrades.

Key Benefits

  • Suite B, Secret and Below, non-CCI security architecture
  • Wideband waveforms provide simultaneous voice, video and SA
  • Unsurpassed battery life for a team radio with minimal weight
  • Compatible with currently-fielded batteries and charging systems