L3Harris Falcon III® AN/PRC-160(V) Wideband HF/VHF Manpack Radio

The AN/PRC-160(V) is the market’s only standalone solution for Beyond-Line-Of-Sight communications in the absence of satellite. This wideband system is also the world’s first and only HF manpack meeting new NSA crypto-modernization standards. Its software-defined architecture allows encryption updates, so mission-critical information stays secure–today and into the future.

Crypto Modernization: Industry-Leading Type 1 Encryption With Breakthrough HF Data Speeds and ISR Capabilities

L3Harris leveraged 50 years of engineering expertise to deliver new generation HF capabilities in the AN/PRC-160(V). The manpack’s data speeds are up to 10 times greater than any existing HF radio, giving warfighters the power to share higher-speed communications and more sophisticated ISR through long-haul connectivity.

The HF/VHF Tactical Radio System features software-programmable L3Harris Sierra™ II encryption, providing secure Type 1 interoperability among U.S., Coalition and Partnership for Peace forces. The manpack is fully compatible with L3Harris Falcon II® HF gear, supporting immediate installation using existing L3Harris vehicular and base station equipment. This wideband system is also is the smallest, lightest, fastest wideband HF manpack available, SWaP-optimized to increase battery performance while reducing warfighter battle load and fatigue.

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable, standalone HF long-haul connectivity
  • Meets new NSA crypto-modernization standards for secure Type 1 TOP SECRET and Below voice and data
  • Wideband data rates up 120 kbps, 10 times greater than existing HF radios
  • Secure interoperability with over 100,000 L3Harris Falcon® radios currently in field
  • Compatible with Harris AN/PRC-150(C) power amplifiers, antenna couplers, vehicular mounts and accessories
  • Smallest, lightest, fastest HF manpack available