Harris Falcon III® RF-7800M-HH Wideband Networking Handheld Radio

Providing situational awareness and data on demand, the Harris RF-7800M-HH seamlessly links dismounted and upper-echelon networks. It employs next-generation wideband waveforms—ANW2®C and M-TNW—to deliver ad-hoc, self-healing and adaptive networking capabilities for reliable connectivity anywhere.

Wideband Tactical Handheld with Software Communications Architecture (SCA)

The RF-7800M-HH supports both narrowband and wideband waveforms with communications secured with AES and Citadel encryption technology. Fully interoperable with the Harris RF-7800M-MP wideband manpack, this tactical solution enables a robust alternative to satellite communications—providing beyond-line-of-sight data communications to soldiers in challenging urban and remote environments.

Software-defined with a future-proof SCA architecture, the Harris Wideband Networking Handheld includes Quicklook 1A and 2 ECCM waveforms to protect narrowband voice and data from hostile force interference.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-mission capable with Night Vision Goggle display compatibility
  • ANW2C and M-TNW ad-hoc, self-healing and adaptive networking
  • Software-upgradable with SCA v2.2.2 platform
  • AES and Citadel encryption
  • Fully interoperable with RF-7800M-MP
  • Embedded GPS receiver for troop location and advanced situational awareness