Harris Falcon III® RF-7800S SPR™ Team Radio Secure Personal Team Radio

The Harris Falcon III® RF-7800S SPR delivers secure, digital, hands-free voice and data in a lightweight, compact design. With a combined team-based waveform and digital wireless network, it enables powerful long-range operations, even in areas where traditional IP services are unavailable. A dynamic operating environment with full duplex and voice conferencing allows multiple speakers and an unlimited number of listeners on the net simultaneously.

Hands-Free Tactical Connectivity for Forward-Deployed Teams

Designed for front-line performance, the SPR Team Radio has a priority break-in feature ensuring critical order receipt, and an embedded GPS receiver provides friendly and hostile force tracking. Interoperable with Windows®, Linux® and Android™ devices, the Team Radio also includes a short-range accessory port for wireless remote control.

Key Benefits

  • Simultaneous, full-duplex voice for multiple speakers
  • Wireless remote control
  • Seamless voice and data integration with upper-echelon networks
  • Citadel® II ASIC encryption
  • Interoperable with Windows, Linux and Android devices