L3Harris Falcon III® RF-7850A-MR Multi-channel Airborne Networking Radio

Built on trusted Falcon III technology, the L3Harris Multi-channel Airborne Networking Radio is the world’s first airborne certified two-channel networking radio. The RF-7850A-MR extends advanced ground tactical capabilities to the aerial tier—with simultaneous mission-critical voice, high-speed IP-networked data and Full Motion Video (FMV). This airborne solution combines legacy interoperability with next-generation functionality and is the logical choice for airborne VHF/UHF communications.

Multiband-enhanced Airborne Networking for Superior ISR

Airborne certified for fixed and rotary winged aircraft, the RF-7850A-MR provides two wideband radio channels in the same SWaP as a traditional single-channel narrowband radio. It offers multi-channel and multiband capabilities, and adapts with evolving mission needs for enhanced situational awareness and ISR. 

The RF-7850A-MR has radio control options engineered to suit any aircraft requirement, mission-cases, or user roles. The Falcon III portfolio of airborne products also includes the L3Harris RF-7850A-UA, designed for unmanned aircraft deployment.

Key Benefits

  • High-speed networked data and video via M-TNW
  • Full interoperability with legacy narrowband and Harris wideband radios 
  • Optimized SWaP for fixed and rotary winged aircraft
  • Extends battlefield networks beyond-line-of-sight without requiring satellite access