L3Harris Falcon III® RF-7850A-TM001 Roll-on/Roll-Off Airborne System

For use with the L3Harris Falcon III® RF-7850A-MR, the L3Harris RF-7850A-TM001 Roll-On / Roll-Off System enables any mission-critical airborne platform to add multiband networking capabilities for enhanced and secure air-to-ground interoperability and greater mission success. Its roll-on/roll-off configuration makes it easy to deploy, with all the capabilities of a fully integrated solution but none of the associated installation time or costs—including those associated with certification requirements.

Easy to deploy wideband networking

With its ability to connect to aircraft intercom systems, the L3Harris RF-7850A-TM001 functions like an installed solution, but in a SWaP-friendly package. It can be used for conferencing with pilots and crew, radio monitoring, and control.

Its independent power supply eliminates the need to use aircraft power for operation. And its industry-standard interfaces accept common accessories—including headsets, KDUs, PCs and tablets—helping to streamline input and output operations.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and easily deploy wideband networking and radio capabilities, without the need for full, time consuming installation
  • Supports connection to aircraft intercom system and comes with independent power source and standard I/O panel
  • Two-channel capability extends operating flexibility from command centers to the tactical edge
  • Based on proven L3Harris radio technology, with full voice, data, and secure interoperability