L3Harris Falcon III® RF-7850A-UA Unmanned Aircraft Networking Radio

The L3Harris RF-7850A-UA Unmanned Aircraft Networking Radio leverages battle-tested Falcon® technology to deliver the world’s first wideband-capable airborne radio for UAV deployment. With its minimal SWaP profile, this single-channel airborne solution acts as an advantage node to expand communications coverage for forces operating in geographically isolated areas.

Narrowband and Wideband Radio Networking with VHF/UHF Range Extension

The RF-7850A-UA has full interoperability with L3Harris wideband radios and traditional narrowband waveforms, including Combat Net Radio (CNR). It uses the Mid-tier TDMA Networking Waveform (M-TNW) to deliver high-speed networked data and Full Motion Video (FMV) for enhanced ISR and superior command and control. This solution also takes advantage of tactical VHF and UHF radio networks to enable range extension for secure air-to-air and ground-to-air communications.

In addition to this unmanned solution, the Harris RF-7850A platform includes a multi-channel airborne networking radio certified for use in rotary or fixed winged aircraft.

Key Benefits

  • Enables high-speed networked data and video via M-TNW
  • Designed to easily integrate into a wide variety of UAV platforms
  • Fulfills evolving mission needs for tactical ISR, close combat support and joint operations with ground troops
  • Extends battlefield networks beyond-line-of-sight without requiring satellite access