L3Harris Falcon III® RF-7850M-HH Multiband Networking Handheld

The L3Harris RF-7850M delivers the power and performance of a manpack in a ruggedized, SWaP-friendly handheld radio. It provides continuous coverage from 30 to 512 MHz, with up to 10 watts of output power—well-suited for both long-range inter-squad and ground-to-air tactical communications. It is equipped with enhanced wideband and narrowband capabilities, and a future-proof architecture that accommodates changing mission needs and emerging waveforms.

Ad-Hoc Wideband Networking

The L3Harris Multiband Networking Handheld connects forces in an ad-hoc, self-forming, self-healing network, allowing users on a net to simultaneously communicate voice and time-critical Situational Awareness (SA). The RF-7850M-HH is interoperable with L3Harris Falcon II® and Falcon III radios. Plus, it has a simplified user interface and embedded applications that eliminate the cost and complexity associated with in-field data terminals, such as PDAs and PCs.

Key Benefits

  • M-TNW wideband capability
  • TNW-75 128-node capability
  • Manpack performance in a small SWaP profile
  • Operates in high-noise environments
  • Future-proof architecture