L3Harris Falcon III® RF-7850S SPR™ Advanced Wideband Secure Personal Radio

The L3Harris Falcon III RF-7850S is the most advanced secure personal radio system available today, providing full communications capabilities for the warfighters at the team, squad, and platoon levels. Equipped with the L3Harris Soldier-TDMA Networking Waveform (S-TNW), it allows for both wideband and narrowband operation and meets specific needs of soldier-level communications with multiple talk groups, ad-hoc mesh networking and multi-hop forwarding.

Tactical Handheld Optimized for Edge Device Networking and Advanced ISR

The RF-7850S SPR’s web-based user interface can run on any edge device, tablet, laptop or phone— and with the embedded GPS and L3Harris Ground Force Tracker users can map friendly forces location on the network. The Advanced Wideband Secure Personal Radio is also a software-defined solution, with legacy and future interoperability enabled by software-only upgrades.

Key Benefits

  • S-TNW advanced waveform suite allows for both wideband and narrowband operation at the tactical edge
  • TGW2 for legacy and backwards compatibility with the RF-7800S-TR (SPR)
  • Optimized voice and guaranteed GPS troop position reports from every soldier
  • Designed for simple configuration and updates for soldiers on-the-move
  • Standard Embedded L3Harris Ground Force Tracker with battle-management systems capability