Harris Falcon III® RF-900P Tactical Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

The Harris RF-900P is an ideal solution for converged military and public safety radio communications. Interoperable with both Harris Falcon® multiband tactical radios and P25-compliant public safety radios, the LMR features full-spectrum coverage, wideband and narrowband functionality and P25 conventional and trunked operation.

Night Vision Goggle Compatible Two-Way Radio

With its software-defined architecture, the tactical LMR meets evolving mission needs through updates that accommodate future waveforms and operating modes. It also eliminates the cost of maintaining separate radios for military and public safety communications, so customers can invest in additional radios to expand their communications networks. The LMR features Harris proprietary noise suppression capability for clear, crisp voice quality in high-noise environments. Its user-centric design increases performance beyond Push-to-Talk, with an intuitive menu-driven user interface, front panel programming and Harris Night Vision Goggle compatibility. 

Key Benefits

  • Secure interoperability with Harris Falcon multiband tactical radios and P25-compliant radios
  • Software-defined architecture for easy upgrading
  • Superior audio experience
  • Easy-to-use interface with significant capabilities beyond Push-to-Talk
  • GPS position location tracking