Harris GNOMAD™ Global Network On the Move – Active Distribution

Harris GNOMAD provides a reliable high-speed tactical network for mobile units operating in remote locations where SATCOM is the only option. This mobile-forces terminal has two primary components—a fully on-the-move, low-profile antenna and a modular baseband chassis appropriate for a range of military and civilian vehicles.

Extends the Network for Tactical Radios and Edge Devices

Global Network On the Move – Active Distribution takes advantage of global satellite coverage to create a mobile point-of-presence, securely connecting tactical radios and edge devices in beyond-line-of-sight communications. The system integrates commercial-off-the-shelf networking hubs that support various radio and satellite modems, ensuring a continuous flow of ISR and SA throughout the echelon.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces costs by taking advantage of X, Ka and Ku-Band commercial and military satellites
  • Extends the network using existing infrastructure for secure reliable voice, video and data
  • Supports secure communications through encryption devices currently in use by military forces
  • Low profile antenna reduces targeting of Command and Control (C2) vehicles